Join me on a journey of 100 years


I wish to be a Conscious Parent to my two daughters - Mia-Emilia (13) and Liisbet (8).


Taking the initiative and leadership has been a significant part of my active life. 


I'm a lifelong student who wants to live a full life and over 100 years old. I value Spiritual Balance and help others on this journey.


Every relationship needs proactive love, care, and honest communication.

Could I live over 100 years old?

I'm a lifelong student and unshakable optimist who believes that positivity is a driving force. I wish to live over 100 years old as a Healthy, Spiritually Balanced being who is always eager to learn. Therefore I value and practice a healthy lifestyle and continually seek new tools and stories that support me on this Journey.

I'm a father of two girls. My career in Microsoft took my family and me to Malaysia, where I led Windows and Devices Business Group. During 11 years in Microsoft, I experienced international success that also led me to more questions and searches for life's meaning.

Having experienced many different Spiritual practices, I reached Modern Mystery School that transformed my life. This positive experience led me to become a certified Healer and conduct Life Activation sessions. I'm also consulting and coaching others on their spiritual path.

I'm also an International Entrepreneur and manage family-owned company Insplay, which markets Educational Toys and Robotics. My mission is to raise parents' consciousness through educational and balanced play.

I'm here to share my positive experiences and challenging pitfalls. 

We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the World.

- Buddha 

We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the World. - Buddha
11 years in Microsoft and 2 years in Malaysia

11 years in Microsoft, including two expat years in Malaysia with my family

I've worked eleven years in Microsoft in multiple exciting roles. I enjoyed building up the biggest Tech Community in Estonia and launched different Windows versions to market from Vista to Windows 10. I got to experience both sales and marketing sides of the corporate world and led Windows and Devices Business Group in Malaysia. Two years before leaving the company, we lived in Kuala Lumpur together with my family. I'm one of those who decided to return home to offer an Estonian learning environment for my kids. 

Growing as a Leader

Growing as a Leader

I consider myself a demanding and caring Leader who values mission and vision. After taking over our family company, I've gained experience managing change through brand renewal, updating product offerings, and developing company culture.
Honing your leadership skills is a process that never ends and includes overcoming many obstacles. I know how little I know, and believe that the strongest leaders are lifelong students.

Life changing Modern Mystery School

Lifechanging Modern Mystery School

Since the beginning of 2019, I discovered Modern Mystery School, with roots back to King Salomon's time. These ancient teachings have guided me into a deep road of Spiritual Growth and Self Mastery. I realize now that the only limits in life are set by ourselves. After multiple positive experiences and changes in my own life, I decided to start passing on these practical tools to others and became a Healer. I feel deeply honored about the opportunity to serve by sharing these transformative practices. Read more about my Services

Defining the role of a Conscious Parent

Understanding the role of a Parent

Anyone who has experience with Spiritual Practices knows that changing others through control doesn't work. A Conscious Parent understands that the child that needs parenting is within themselves. I see my daughters as gurus and teachers who help me awaken and build a better and more conscious relationship with them. Kids are our mirrors of childhood wounds that can help us become aware of what needs healing. New ways of Education and Parenting are close to my heart. 

Balance - the secret formula of success

Balance - the Secret to a Successful Life

Life is dynamic and continually changing. As humans, we seek to progress as real living takes place outside of our comfort zone. I believe that the right balance is enjoying our life while feeling centered. There is no point in conquering new heights when we cannot value the journey. I can help you to find balance and create discipline in your life through Meditation and different practical tools.

In search of the Superhuman

In search of the Superhuman

We all have the potential for something greater and a more extraordinary life. My passion is to truly get to know myself, test, and finetune to create a better version of myself every day. When we confront life and obstacles, we're able to train our will and learn to manage our biggest opponent - the ego.