Purificato ja Crystalis pihustid

Pärast elu aktiveerimist tõuseb sinu vibratsioon, kuid toksiinid kehas võivad takistada valguse (positiivse energia) integreerimist . Need toksiinid tuleb välja loputada, et saaksime hoida rohkem valgust. Oleme leidnud, et kõige tõhusam meetod selle uue energia integreerimiseks on alkeemiline tooted nimega Purificato ja Crystalis. Iga eluaktivatsiooniga saad kaasa komplekti neid homöopaatilisi pihusteid.


  • Pihusta 3 korda kroontšakrale.
  • Pihusta 1 kord kolmanda silma tšakrale ja 1 kord kolmanda silma tagaküljele (kuklas).
  • Võid lasta 1 kord kuuenda pihustuse ka aurale.

Tee seda 2 korda päevas - hommikul ja õhtul.

Hoia pudeleid eemal otsese päikesevalguse käest. Mõlemast pudelist jätkub vähemalt üheks kuuks või kauemaks. 


This formula operates at a cellular level. It works directly with the cellular debris that is left as a result of exposure to environmental toxins, viral and bacterial exposure as well as fungal overgrowth. This elixir is prepared homeopathically as a vibrational remedy and as such will not interfere with foods or medication.

On an energetic level, we require debris to be eliminated from our auric field as it hinders the assimilation of light. The transmutational effects of this are seen as your gifts of empowerment emerge.

This form of elixir works best when the body is in motion or in an awakened state as this helps release the debris to be neutralized. 


This formula cleans out genetic debris and intentionally releases genetic damage from the point of conception. This assists you in maintaining focus on your spiritual life. Crystalis clears away the last, dense, physical structures that hinder full spiritual awareness.

This formula works best while you are relaxing or asleep. During this time it allows the releasing of genetic codes so that they may be cleared up and also releases your divinity codes. This may be experienced in your dream state as a remembrance of your existence in spiritual form. 

Using both of these elixirs allows you to experience full contact with the power of the aura and soul. When a person feels that change energetically, the body soon responds by being in a better physical (cellular) shape as well as sensing higher power flowing through you.

Your body and mind begin to feel balanced, increasing the emotional states of love, joy, acceptance, and happiness thus allowing you to experience success more fully in all areas of your life.